Daily Grind of an AC Technician

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8 AM: Morning Briefing

The day starts with a team huddle, where job orders are assigned, and any air conditioning installation or repair tasks are discussed. Safety protocols are reviewed, ensuring every technician is equipped with the necessary tools and protective gear.

9 AM: First Call

  • Location: Downtown Toronto high-rise
  • Issue: AC unit not cooling efficiently

Upon arrival, I assess the situation and diagnose the problem as a refrigerant leak. After obtaining the homeowner’s approval, I proceed to repair the leak and recharge the system with the appropriate refrigerant levels.

11 AM: Emergency Call

  • Location: Commercial office building
  • Issue: Complete AC system failure

An urgent call comes in from a nearby office building reporting a complete breakdown of their HVAC system. I rush to the site and collaborate with the building maintenance staff to identify the root cause. After a thorough inspection, I determine that a failed compressor is the culprit. Unfortunately, a replacement part needs to be ordered, so I provide a temporary solution to keep the office habitable until the repair can be completed.

2 PM: Lunch Break

A well-deserved lunch break allows me to recharge my batteries and prepare for the afternoon’s tasks.

3 PM: Routine Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is crucial to ensure efficient operation and extend the lifespan of HVAC systems. I perform a comprehensive inspection, cleaning, and tune-up of the homeowner’s air conditioning unit, ensuring it’s ready to handle the upcoming summer heat.

5 PM: End of Day

After completing the day’s tasks, I head back to the office to file reports, restock my van, and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. Being an AC technician at Belyea Brothers is a rewarding experience, as I help maintain a comfortable indoor environment for residential and commercial clients across Toronto.